Purchase vs. Lease

As an INFINITI client, you have a wide range of financing options and benefits at your disposal. Purchasing or leasing each offers its own individual benefits. Choosing one will depend on your particular needs and desires.






Ownership Equity

At the completion of your payment schedule, you own your INFINITI. You can keep driving for as long as you desire without any further payments, or choose to sell or trade at any time.


Leasing requires that you calculate in advance how many miles you will drive each year. Ownership allows you to drive as much as you like, as far as you desire.


Ownership gives you the power to maintain and customize the vehicle however best suits your life or your personal sense of style.

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Lower Payments

Because you’re only purchasing the right to use a vehicle for a period of time, your financial responsibility and your monthly payments may be lowered significantly.

Hazard-Free Driving

Because most leases last for 2-3 years, your vehicle generally provides warranty protection for as long as you drive it.

True Convenience

When a lease expires, you simply turn your vehicle in and pay off any remaining fees (such as for excess mileage or wear and tear) and taxes. If you’d prefer not to part with your INFINITI at lease-end, you can also take the opportunity to purchase it at a predetermined price. In either case, there’s no need for you to sell it or trade it in.

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