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INFINITI Car Battery: Common Problems

Date: Sept 20th, 2023


What type of INFINITI car battery maintenance can you expect for your new Q60 or QX55? Learning how to maintain a car battery is simple, but even luxury models can use a little TLC from time to time. When it comes to your INFINITI car battery, common problems like slow starts and corrosion can occur over time. However, occasional battery checks and replacements will keep your vehicle running smoothly for miles to come in Philadelphia, PA. Feel free to pick up a few service tips with Holman INFINITI, and read more about INFINITI car battery maintenance below!

INFINITI Car Battery Maintenance 

Want to learn how to maintain your car battery? It’s easier than you might think! Your technician can take care of battery checks and replacements, but you can also do a quick visual check for issues like corrosion and broken clamps. Find out how to maintain your battery below:

    • Visual Check: Pop the hood and take a good look at your battery. Are the clamps holding your battery secure? Do you notice any grime around the unit? Do you see any debris accumulating around the terminals? That might be corrosion, and we’ll talk more about that in the next section.
  • Battery Check: You can visit an auto shop or dealership to get a battery check if you’re concerned about your charge level. This diagnostic tool will give an estimate of how much life your battery still has left.
  • Replacement: Most Philadelphia, PA and Cherry Hill drivers need to change their car batteries every three or four years. Depending on your driving habits, you might need to change your battery earlier or later.

INFINITI Car Battery Issues

When it comes to your INFINITI car battery, common problems tend to be minor and easily fixable. Here are a few examples:

    • Corrosion: Corrosion can develop on the terminals of your battery, and you’ll recognize it as a powdery white or blue substance. You can get a cleaning solution from our parts department to neutralize and remove it. However, if you suspect a leak, you’ll need a replacement.
  • Slow Starts: If your car is slow to start, this could be an issue with either the alternator or your car battery. Signs of a weakened battery include slower starts in colder weather, problems with your electrical system, and the need for frequent jump starts.
  • Low Battery Fluid: Your battery has a mixture of water and sulfuric acid in it. When that balance is thrown off or the fluid levels are too low, your battery can’t function properly. Check the water level indicator to see if your battery needs a top-off.

Schedule Your Service at Holman INFINITI

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