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Top Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Service

Date: Feb 12, 2024


Even high-performance luxury vehicles need transmission service every once in a while in Philadelphia, PA. Internal combustion engines require certain fluids to operate properly. Just like oil for the pistons, your transmission needs fluid to prevent friction from destroying the complex moving parts.

If you notice your vehicle not performing as it should on Cherry Hill drives, it might need transmission service. Transmission issues are noticeable and somewhat easy to spot. However, a little preventative maintenance and transmission service can go a long way toward preventing a very expensive fix.

Your vehicle might have transmission issues if you notice some signs on your Mount Laurel drives. Read on to understand how to know if your car needs transmission service and car transmission warning signs with our handy guide from the service team at Holman INFINITI.

Poor Shifting

Rough or delayed shifting is probably the most obvious way of understanding how to know if your car needs transmission service. You’ll notice shifting is too fast or too slow, or it takes your vehicle a few seconds to shift out of park to move forward. We recommend having a service technician check things over to see what could be causing this issue.

Slipping Transmission

You’ll notice a slipping transmission when shifting between gears takes longer as you accelerate going up or down a hill. A slipping transmission is one of the main car transmission warning signs. You could just need a transmission fluid change, but it’s best to get it looked at.

Smelling an Unusual Sweet Odor

You never want to have a burning smell emanating from your car. If you notice a sweet burning smell while driving in Maple Shade and beyond, your radiator or transmission might have a problem. We can determine if it’s the radiator or the transmission and then recommend a fix. 

Rough Idling

Do you feel vibrations in the steering wheel or pedals when you’re at a traffic light? A car transmission issue might be the culprit. You need to understand how to know if your car needs transmission service because it needs to be fixed before the repair becomes expensive.

Poor Acceleration

Is your vehicle a bit sluggish as you accelerate from a stop light? It could be a car transmission issue with the lower gears. Again, you might just need new transmission fluid, or it could be a sign of something more serious.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Just like engine oil, transmission fluid needs to be replaced every so often (around 50,000 miles or so). Once a month, look at the transmission fluid to see if it is opaque or brown because your transmission might need new fluid. 

If you see spots of fluid on your driveway or garage, you might not be able to tell which component has a leak. Put a piece of cardboard underneath your vehicle overnight. The drops may be a red or brown color for a transmission fluid leak. Bring your vehicle in for services as soon as you can regardless of which fluid leak you have because a fluid leak can turn catastrophic very quickly.

Engine Dashboard Warning Light

The check engine or transmission warning light appearing on the dashboard is definitely something to look at right away. The warning light, combined with other warning signs we already mentioned, means your transmission needs service. 

Schedule Transmission Service in Maple Shade

Now you understand how to know if your car needs transmission service. Call (855) 545-4298, or schedule a service appointment with our team if your vehicle has car transmission issues. At Holman INFINITI, we always do our best and Drive What’s Right for our customers. We want you to get the most out of owning your luxury INFINITI!

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