How to Replace INFINITI Key Fob Battery?

Date: Sept 29, 2023


When you opt for an INFINITI vehicle in the Philadelphia, PA area, you can take advantage of amenities like the INFINITI Intelligent Key and remote start in the palm of your hand. What happens when the battery runs out? INFINITI key battery replacement is actually quite simple and it can be done right at home in Cherry Hill. Learn how to replace the INFINITI key fob battery in no time in the guide below from Holman INFINITI. 

What is the Correct INFINITI Key Fob Battery? 

Do you know what type of INFINITI key fob battery you need? It depends on the type of fob you have. An INFINITI key fob generally requires a CR2025-type battery. However, a key fob that’s been designed to work with INFINITI Intelligent key requires a CR2032 battery instead. You can find exactly what you need at our parts center

INFINITI Key Battery Replacement 

  1. Press the release tab on the back of your key fob. This will give you access to the metal car key.
  2. Pry open the small panel underneath. At this point, you should see the INFINITI key fob battery housing. To open the panel, our experts recommend using a flathead screwdriver with a small amount of tape around the end. This helps to prevent damage to your INFINITI key fob.
  3. Replace the dead battery with a new one. The positive side should be face down. 
  4. Reattach the panel and then reinsert the metal key along with the release tab. 
  5. You’re good to go! 

INFINITI Key Fob Issues 

If you have encountered problems with your push-button start or your key fob keyless entry remote, keep these tips in mind to help resolve the issue. 

  • If your vehicle won’t start, the battery in your key fob could be low. Try holding the key fob closer to the start button. This minimizes the energy needed to send a signal. 
  • If you can’t start your car using push-button start, the key fob battery may not be the culprit. Try replacing the INFINITI key battery first. If replacing the battery does not do the trick, you will need to schedule a service appointment
  • If your INFINITI key battery is dead, you won’t be stranded in Mount Laurel. You can use the metal key in the back of your key fob to start your vehicle and lock and unlock the doors.

Contact Holman INFINITI for More Information

If you still have questions about INFINITI key battery replacement, do not hesitate to contact the team at Holman INFINITI. We would be happy to help.


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