Tax Return with Holman INFINITI

Use Your Tax Return to Buy or Lease Today!

 Max Your Tax

It’s tax season and you may find yourself getting a refund in the early spring. If you are tired of your current vehicle, this is the perfect time to sit down and figure out if you want to purchase a new or used car. Using your refund as a down payment is a good way to get a vehicle you want and possibly have lower payments. Deciding what kind of car you want and how much you want to spend on your next vehicle is important. A good budget helps when you look at vehicle options and consider your monthly payment.

 Calculate How Much You Can Afford

Use the calculator to figure out how much to spend on your next vehicle so you can get a good idea on what to expect financially. You can see monthly payments, adjust your down payment and see how long you will pay for the vehicle. You can also use the calculator to find the right monthly payment for your situation, so you don’t overspend. Sticking to a budget is important for your financial future.

 Put a Down Payment Towards Buying a New or Used INFINITI Vehicle

The larger your down payment, the more flexibility you have in the vehicle you want to buy. If your tax refund is sizable and you don’t have other obligations, using your refund to invest in a vehicle is a good move. A new vehicle is an investment that can benefit you for years.

If you’d rather put your refund toward leasing a vehicle, Holman INFINITI has a great selection and can help set you up with a lease that works for you. Your refund can get you started in a lease that compliments your budget!

Contact Holman INFINITI to talk to our sales staff and find out more about your purchase or lease options. We have a great selection of cars to test drive, and we are dedicated to helping you find the right one for your life!